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Winston Classic

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Winston XStyle blue

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Winston cigarettes

Winston's manufacturing started at 1954, it is the same year with the first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus launching. Winston is a selective Support Brand. Unlike certain brands Winston does not contain any additional ingredients. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company packs its cigarettes differently. In case with Winston the longer more potent section of the tobacco leaf packs in the end of the cigarette, moving the short cut pieces in the front part (also known as "shake"). The hybrid tobacco makes these cigarettes to be viewed as marginally healthier.

Winston cigarettes rank the sixth place of the USA market value (6%). It is supported by very successful Winston's promotional events, class if its tobacco and pure American spirit.

For a period of more than 50 years this brand of cheap but qualitative cigs remains one of the best-selling ones not only in the USA but in Europe and Latin America too.We do offer savings on Winston cigarettes to the smokers. And even more. Buy cut-price cigarettes on our on-line shop and you will get them at discount prices shipped to your door.

Winston cigarettes (Classic, Filters, Blue, Silver, White, Super Slims Blue, Super Slims Silver) are made in the best American tradition. Delicate combination of soft flavor and original aroma of the bouquet in tobacco's blend expresses the exquisite simplicity and harmony characteristic for modern culture.

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