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Viceroy cigarettes

Viceroy Cigarettes belong to non-support brands which are chiefly small-share brands, but have very devoted adult smokers who purchase them.

Viceroy cigarettes are made by Brown & Williamson. This company became a possession of British American Tobacco in due time and then by Reynolds American Inc. in 2004. R.J. Reynolds does not provide marketing support for this brand but the company maintains the Viceroy Cigarettes distribution where the consumers demand exists. Especially stable demand holds on such markets as Eastern and West Europe, the Middle East, Turkey and Argentina.

The name of the brands is of a royal origin. Historically a viceroy was a royal representative who governed a country or a province in the name of and as a substitute of the monarch. And the word itself derives from French roi, meaning the king. This favorite brand justifies its royal origin being a leader in many know-how technologies in the field of tobacco industry.

History of the Viceroy Cigarettes brand started in 1936 as the first cork-tipped filter cigarette in the world. Another innovation was an introducing of cellulose acetate filter and an establishing a new industry standard.

After the year 2000 all Viceroy styles altered to a more modern packaging on packs and cartons, reserving the production blend at a customary high quality production blend.

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