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Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQ section was projected in order to make the collaboration with our customers more fruitful and clear. This page contains the responses at the most frequent asked questions.

1. I want to place an order of cigarettes on your site. How to place it?

Orders can be placed ONLY online. We don't accept ordering by fax or phone. Process of placing an order on is quite simple. On you have decided what brand you want to buy, click on it. So, you'll access page of the selected brand. There you ought to introduce number of cartons and click "buy now".

Further you ought to introduce required data. If you want to buy something more, just click on "back to shopping". Process of ordering is the same.

After you've finished e-shopping, click on "click to purchase", fill in the required information and that is all. Quickly, easy and safe!

2. How can I check status of my order?

After ordering, you'll receive a confirmations email from our company that will inform about status of your order. If you don't get any email, or you want to any changes to be done in your shopping cart or personal data please contact our support center immediately.

The orders are processed within 24 hours, for You to make changes in your order if any. Remember, you are allowed to introduce changes within 24 hours.

Although, please feel free to access our support center in order to avoid confusions or misunderstandings.

3. How can I contact your support center?

You get in contact with our customer support center accessing the following link: This center will process your emails and within 24 hours you will receive the answers at your questions and suggestions.

4. Can I resell the cigarettes that I have bought from your site?

No. Tobacco products from are for personal usage only and attempts to resell them are classified as lawbreaking.

5. How can I pay for my orders?

We accept the payment via Bitcoins or money transfers via express payment services.

6. Do you have auto delivery option?

No, we do not.

7. I am first-time buyer. How much can I order?

If you are first time buyer you can order up to 12 cartons. After, you can order as much as you want, there is no limit. Remember, you ought to be 21 years old to place order on

8. How long will it take to receive my order?

It usually takes 16-30 days after dispatching. It depends on your location.Our team works very hard in order to ameliorate time of delivery.

9. Who is the producer of the cigarettes from this site?

Our cigarettes are imported from Eastern Europe and correspond to all European Standards of Quality.

10. Where can You send your products?

We deliver cigarettes all over the USA and Europe except the following European countries:Italy, Finland, The UK, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland and Sweden.

11. What should I do If I received only 6 cartons, but I ordered 10?

We ship goods in parcels containing 2-3 cartons. This is because of customs issues. Sometimes, the customs and Post Office do not manage to process all the parcels in a day. This can cause your order delays.

Sometimes, the orders are lost or stolen. In such cases we resend the orders or make refund.

If you have any question concerning your orders, please contact our support center. .

12. What guarantees do you offer? offers 100% delivery guarantee of your orders. If your order was lost or stolen we resend the missing part or entire order for free. We can also refund your money. However you should contact our support center, where your request will be processed.

13. What should I do if the status of my order is "Unpaid" or "Declined"?

Please contact our support center providing detailed information about your order. You will receive the response within 24 hours. Please do not forget to indicate your order number.

14. Would the assortment of the cigarettes offered on be enlarged?

Yes, we always try try to extend the list of the offered tobacco products.

15. Do you provide any information about your clients to any governmental organizations?

No, we don't present any information about our clients and their orders to any governmental organizations. Information about all our customers is strictly confidential.

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