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Temp cigarettes

If you live a temped life and you are person of action then Temp cigarettes is for you. This smoking product impress through its mood and taste. Temp brand is tobacco that had no analogies at all.

Tutun CTC is total owner Temp cigarette. This company was granted with medals for quality by international experts. Tobacco products of Tutun CTC occupy leading places on home cigarette market. This products are so famous that it can be presupposed what third part of domestic smokers light up brands of this company.

Under purity looking of Temp product is hided ingredients of premium quality. This tobacco can be classified as veteran cigarettes, as it is presented on tobacco markets for a very long time. It lasted to times and remain winner.

Although being one of more durable smoking brand, Temp cigarettes begin a new life. Company producer estimating its importance on tobacco market and created a new formula that is better and more contemporary. So, Temp was reborn for a new life.

As it was established, Temp cigarettes was more preferred by adult generation of smokers. Now, being re-constructed this brand begin to be lighted up by young adult generation.

Main ingredients of Temp are tobacco of high quality and aromatic additives. Tastes that revealed this cigarette is fragrant and original. It is a real novelty.

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