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Richmond Cherry

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Richmond Cherry Gold

Price per carton: 'Richmond Cherry Gold' $34.59 $26.54

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Richmond Superslim Cherry

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Richmond cigarettes

Richmond's occupation of the lower price brackets means however that it is associated with inferior quality. They are characterized by the bright blue packaging, which in early 2006 underwent a redesign: the serif font used being replaced for a more modern sans-serif, and general appearance becoming more minimalist.

Richmond Cigarettes

Richmond cigarettes one of the best sorts of cigarettes which can be found in the World!

Richmond cig brand was created by a unique recipe which contain the premium tobacco. This special recipe made these cigarettes so famous.

These cigs are made for smokers who respect themselves and who not only dream but get everything they want from life. Richmond is a recent smoking product, because it appeared for the first time in the UK cig markets in 2000, but it succeeded to become well-known by all smokers.

If you are a smoker who is mysterious and fond of cherries, we are ready to propose you to try our Richmond Cherry Cigs, and you will have the possibility to explore the world in a special way.

Even the name of this Cig pleased your ear, but the same feelings you can get during smoking it!

Richmond cigs deserve to be tried by smokers because these cigarettes became the fourth and fifth top-selling cigs in the UK.

From now and forever you can smoke cigarettes with Platinum Filter, filter which protects your lungs from tar and nicotine. Such kinds of filters have Richmond cigarettes.

With Richmond cigarettes your dreams will become real!

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