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R1 Slim

Cheap R1 Slim Ultra online

R1 Slim Ultra

Price per carton: 'R1 Slim Ultra' $24.13 $18.54

Cheap R1 Slim Minima online

R1 Slim Minima

Price per carton: 'R1 Slim Minima' $24.13 $18.54

R1 Slim cigarettes

German quality and premium of taste of real cigarette is expressed by R1 Slims cigarettes. Never women cigarette taste as good as is this brand. Due to exclusive components and construction of R1 Slims, slimmest gains a special taste.

Creator of this marvel is German tobacco producer, Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken. Along with R1 Slims, Reemtsma is author of other well-famous cig brands as Davidoff, Peter Stuyvesant and West. It is unnecessary to mention the greatest merits of each of this brand on worldwide markets, because today these brand names became well-recognized all over the world.

It can be concluded that every creation of Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken are predestined to become famous and qualified as the best.

RI Slims cigarettes is a great smoking product that is highly preferred by women of different nations and ethnical identity. This brand embodies purity and enthusiasm. So looks the R1 woman: first in everything, she likes to take from life all that is the best and prefer delicacy in style. If these attributives characterize you, then R1 Slims is your tobacco.

R1 Slims is packed in hard pack of white color. Every pack contains 20 cig pieces of slimmest design. This smoking product not only will fit perfect with your personal style, but it would empower it.

Our cigarette store purpose to all smoking ladies two variants of R1 Slims cigarettes: R1 Slims Minima and R1 Slims Ultra. As we offer to our clients all the best, this qualitative tobacco is purposed at cheapest price. With assistance of this online cigarette shop, R1 Slims brand is accessible to all ladies that want to try it.

R1 Slims brand has everything that must contain women cigarettes. Buy it now at discount price, and it would satisfy all your demands from its first inhalation.

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