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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is the section designated to inform our clients about usage of their private datum. We strongly recommend to read this section on our site.

1. guarantees that information about our clients is not provided to any governmental organizations.

2. We don’t use Your information for creating personal profiles.

3. This online store will never use collected information for site advertisements, etc.

What information do you offer to

Information that is required for Your order to be completed is: your name, address, telephone number, email, credit card, etc. This information is required for your order delivery and for contacting our customers.

We also have the section Tell a friend which is optional where you can invite your friends to visit our site.

We share information about credit number and address with shipping companies and credit card companies. The sharing of this information is required as a prior condition.

Please contact our Support Center if any difficulties.Users can also delete their information from our database.

Please notice:

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We DO NOT sell our products - tobacco and cheap cigarettes to minors.