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Cheap Parliament Aqua Blue online

Parliament Aqua Blue

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Parliament Night Blue

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Cheap Parliament One online

Parliament One

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Parliament Silver Blue

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Parliament Super Slims

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Parliament Reserve

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Parliament cigarettes

Parliament is a premium segment brand of cigarettes made by Altria Co.

Parliaments are characteristic for their recessed paper filter. Parliaments are offered for sale in several varieties and are dispensed by Parliament Blues (Full Flavor): Parliament Night Blue, Parliament Aqua Blue, Parliament Silver Blue, Parliament One, Parliament Super Slims and Parliament Reserve cigarettes in our e-store of low-priced and discount cigarettes.

Parliament cigarette brand may be discussed as a sort of phenomenon of the Russian market, because their sales reach 15% in Russia in comparison with 3.5% on American market from the entire Philip Morris production. Though Parliament cigarettes were the first distributed outside the USA, they were popular only in Japan, Argentina, Israel, Turkey and Russia till recently. On the other European Markets they were not well-known up to Philip Morris had launched a small but focused ad campaign, supposing that a more active one could spoil the reputation of this premium cigarette brand. It is well known that Parliament's unique filter is used for snorting cocaine.

There's a statement: when someone is kept by the Parliament cigarettes he will smoke two, and will feel fresh winds, then he will smoke a few - and will long to be immortal.

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