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OK Blue

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OK Black

Price per carton: 'OK Black' $17.68 $13.39

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OK Nano Blue

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OK Nano White

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OK Super Slims Blue

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OK Super Slims Black

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OK cigarettes

OK brand was designed especially for positive smokers that prefer original things.

The pack design of these fashionable cigarettes is also unusual but simple and refined. OK cigarettes all-gray box design with a thick stripe on the right side of the pack black or blue, depending on the flavor that's inside the pack.

Even pack design creates a business image for OK Cigarettes!

The gray package and the name of these cigs make them not only "elegant" but also positive. In general gray color suggests efficiency and emphasizes neutrality. That's why it is often used for this in the business world.

Not only the OK Cigarettes packs are well designed and eye catching but also their taste is excellent because the tobacco and additives used in these cigs are of the highest quality of tobacco.

Unlike some other brands OK cigarettes do not contain any additional ingredients. OK cigarettes remain one of the few cigarette brands who still deny using any chemicals and offer only "100% tobacco" to their smokers. So, OK cigarettes are less toxic tobacco product than other cigarette brands.

The secret behind the fortune of OK cigarettes is the fine pricing in comparison to the high quality and rich taste the brand has to offer.

We offer you original OK Cigarettes in two different varieties: OK Black & Ok Blue!

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