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Monte Carlo

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Monte Carlo Blue

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Monte Carlo Red

Price per carton: 'Monte Carlo Red' $24.80 $18.84

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Monte Carlo Silver

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Monte Carlo Super Slims Fantasy

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Monte Carlo Super Slims Intrigue

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Monte Carlo White

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Monte Carlo Blue 100's

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Monte Carlo cigarettes

Hearing Monte Carlo cigarettes, first that come into mind is brightness, luxury and richness. As region, Monte Carlo is the wealthiest of Monaco's 4 quarters that is known for its big casinos, gambling, glamour, and for sightings of famous people. It is famous and recognizable as one of most alluring symbol.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company for first time had opened the door to same brilliance creating Monte Carlo cigarettes. Its tobacco taste reveal richness and luxury so much looked in today's world of glamour and style.

Parent producer of this smoking tobacco, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, is the second-largest tobacco firm in the global tobacco industry and the second-largest U.S. firm (after Altria Group). Smoking products that are purposed by this giant on tobacco store is smoked by every three smoking American. Under shadow of this world famous name stay such famous brands as Camel, Kool, Pall Mall, Winston, Lucky Strike, Viceroy, More, Barclay, Salem, Belair, Doral, Carlton, Capri, GPC, Misty, Eclipse, Monarch, Tareyton and Vantage. And it can be surely sustain that this company will impress for a long time with outstanding tobacco products.

Monte Carlo brand is famous to cigarette smokers from entire world. Best quality tobacco along with special aromatic additives makes smoking experience of this product unforgettable. It is hard to declined Monte Carlo if it had entered in your life. It would prevail on all your feelings and expectations.

As R. J. Reynolds is veteran tobacco producer, it purpose to all cig' users to try taste of Monte Carlo brand in following variations: Monte Carlo Red, Monte Carlo Blue, Monte Carlo Silver and Monte Carlo White.

Every brand differs in its composition and taste. R. J. Reynolds tries to comprise in Monte Carlo brand all types of cigarette smokers. Monte Carlo cigarettes is decoded as brilliant and prosperous, so is it's taste.

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