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Marlboro cigarettes

Marlboro cigarettes is a Premium brand of cigarettes, having the most ancient tradition and history among tobacco products.

The greatest tobacco products' brand is named after Great Marlborough Street where its original London factory was situated. There happened a controversial thing - if firstly they were regarded as to be women's cigs they turned into the pure masculine symbol.

Originally Marlboro was advertised as women's cigarettes based on the slogan "Mild as May". One of the traits of Marlboro cigs at that period was a red tip, which concealed women's lipstick marks.

That slogan was replaced by Marlboro Man.

Marlboro Man is part of a tobacco advertising campaign for Marlboro cigarettes, primarily initiated by Leo Burnett in 1954 in order to popularize filtered cigarettes, regarding feminine that period. Among all kinds of Marlboro Men, a rugged cowboy appeared to be the most popular. In October 2006, USA newspaper included Marlboro Man on their list of 101 most powerful people who never lived.

At the same time they are often called in slang as "cowboy killers" through the strength of the red variety of Marlboro cigs and owing to Marlboro Man.

In August 2006 a US District Court prohibited to use the terms like "low tar", "light", "mild" or "natural" and it is expected to use standard "color" names instead: Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold, and Marlboro Silver, which are already in use in the European Union since 2005. is beyond competition site online where you can find cheap Marlboro cigarettes.

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