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L&M Loft Blue

L&M Loft Blue

Price per carton: 'L&M Loft Blue' $26.27 $20.02

L&M Loft Sea Blue

L&M Loft Sea Blue

Price per carton: 'L&M Loft Sea Blue' $26.27 $20.02

Motion Silver

L&M Motion Silver

Price per carton: 'L&M Motion Silver' $29.03 $22.22

Motion Blue

L&M Motion Blue

Price per carton: 'L&M Motion Blue' $29.03 $22.22

Cheap L&M Red Label online

L&M Red Label

Price per carton: 'L&M Red Label' $29.03 $22.22

Cheap L&M Silver Label online

L&M Silver Label

Price per carton: 'L&M Silver Label' $29.03 $22.22

Cheap L&M Blue Label online

L&M Blue Label

Price per carton: 'L&M Blue Label' $20.73 $15.82

Slims Marine Blue

L&M Slims Marine Blue

Price per carton: 'L&M Slims Marine Blue' $21.58 $16.50

Slims Coral White

L&M Slims Coral White

Price per carton: 'L&M Slims Coral White' $21.58 $16.50

L&M cigarettes

L&M cigarettes are a creation of the Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company. At present L&M brand is produced by Philip Morris Companies Inc. known as Altria Group. L&M cigarettes are made of American Blend. It is specially fermentized blend of the best sorts of tobacco –Virginia, Oriental and Burley ones. Owing to such well-known taste L&M is a confident leader of sales and the favorite among different levels of smokers for more than a century (this brand was introduced in 1876). Nowadays this brand is sold in 60 countries and the growth of its popularity is quite anticipated.

Now L&M cigarettes family are aspected in several varieties and each of them has its own peculiarity: American Tobacco Blend plus some additives are features of L&M One; individual menthol taste belongs to L&M Menthol; airy smooth menthol flavor turns L&M Menthol Lights into the lightest cigarettes in the L&M family. Cheap price for cigarettes combined with good quality tobacco attract a lot of smokers.

Easy on the pocket and mellow to smoke L&M cigarettes are created for those who prefer a combination of a real tobacco taste cigarettes and an acceptable price for them. Our online cigarette store offers qualitative L&M cigarettes by a special discount price to our clients.

There is a paradox. For more than a century L&M cigs remain one of the most favorite US brands around the world. At the same time, L&M cigarette brand is not very frequent in the continental US, but these discount cigarettes are purchased very good in Latin America and Europe.

This year the subsidiary of Philip Morris International, located in Russia introduced a motion to redesign the pack of L&M cigs. Now one can admire by stylish color minimalism of the pack and its more ergonomic form.

Dear buyer, L&M Red Lable, L&M Blue Lable, L&M Silver Lable, L&M Mixx Slims, L&M Vibe Slims well as L&M BLU-83and L&M GRI-83 cigarettes are at your disposal in our e-store at twenty-four hour basis