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Leana Non-Filter

Price per carton: 'Leana Non-Filter' $7.52 $5.02

Leana cigarettes

One of the most preferable cigarette brands from Moldova is Leana. People prefer Leana cigarettes because of its reach flavor and calming tobacco aroma.

Even the color of the Leana cigarettes package, the yellow color, can help keep a clear your mind, and improve memory and decision making. Because of their pack color and high quality, Leana cigarettes are excellent smoking products for writers and public speakers to increase eloquence.

With Leana Cigarettes your mind become more clear and active!

Leana cigarettes meaning: L for leader, E for eloquence, A for awareness, N for necessary and A for alert. These are the main characteristics for smoker who smokes Leana Cigs.

These cigarettes are not only revered by international experts, but also by great number of smokers. Many smokers smoke Leana cigarettes because of its rich and confirmed taste.

Leana cigarettes come with a twenty non-filter cigarette per pack or you can also purchase them in a carton (number of packs: 10; number of cigarettes: 200). Leana cigarettes are available for purchase online, which makes it very convenient for the person with a busy lifestyle or someone who enjoys being able to have their cigarettes arrive at their doorstep, ignoring the need to stop at the store every day for a new pack.

Leana cigarettes are available on our online tobacco store in Leana Non-Filter cigarettes!

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