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Lady cigarettes

Speaking about Lady cigarettes first express this name is beauty, extraordinary and exclusive. These were the major principles in creating this perfect cigarette brands that continue to impress women all over the world. Smoking experience that reveals Lady tobacco is of no words. It is unbelievable how ideal can be a Lady.

Such kind of cigarette brand had never existed on tobacco market. Cigaronne was initiator in creation a cig product that will be predestined only to contemporary women. It is a new piece of work that was launched on March 8, on "Woman's Day." Cigaronne Tobacco Company tried to offer to all smoking ladies that what is the best and that was has never been in sale. After years of investigation and testes, was produced Lady cigarette brand. It is a total victory. Such product had no competitor in taste and flavor.

Cigaronne tobacco company is Armenian young industry. Employing professionals in domain, this company became a recognizable trade mark of many European countries. This company makes itself identifiable due to its discovery, hard filter, with which are granted all its tobacco brands. Producer acclaimed it as "unique".

Filter is very important in composition of cigarette, because it influence on taste. This makes smoking of Lady so pleasurable.

As argument that this tobacco product is intended for women is its slim size. Blended tobacco of best sorts along with aromatic additives that are arranged in slim design make Lady cigarette very demanded by women smokers.

Cigaronne Company produced Lady brand in three tobacco ranges: Lady Diamond, Lady Menthol and Lady Rose. Lady Diamond had a more neutral taste, Lady menthol reveals freshness and Lady Rose divulges a sweet floral taste.

If you become interested in this smoking product then order it online from cheapest cigarette store in following variations Lady Diamond, Lady Menthol and Lady Rose and you will taste something that was is of no similarity.

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