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Cheap Kiss Superslims Fresh Apple online

Kiss Superslims Fresh Apple

Price per carton: 'Kiss Superslims Fresh Apple' $28.22 $21.58

Cheap Kiss Superslims Dream online

Kiss Superslims Dream

Price per carton: 'Kiss Superslims Dream' $24.23 $18.38

Cheap Kiss Superslims Energy online

Kiss Superslims Energy

Price per carton: 'Kiss Superslims Energy' $28.22 $21.58

Cheap Kiss Superslims Menthol online

Kiss Superslims Menthol

Price per carton: 'Kiss Superslims Menthol' $28.22 $21.58

Kiss Mohito

Kiss Mohito

Price per carton: 'Kiss Mohito' $16.02 $11.81

Cheap Kiss Superslims Romantic online

Kiss Superslims Romantic

Price per carton: 'Kiss Superslims Romantic' $22.49 $16.99

Cheap Kiss Superslims Strawberry online

Kiss Superslims Strawberry

Price per carton: 'Kiss Superslims Strawberry' $27.86 $21.29

Cheap Kiss Superslims Dessert Mini online

Kiss Superslims Dessert Mini

Price per carton: 'Kiss Superslims Dessert Mini' $19.10 $14.52

Kiss cigarettes

The top selling brand of cigarettes in the super slim category is Kiss cigarettes. Considering the quality of Kiss cigarettes one can say that they have a huge advantage compared to another brands as the price of Kiss cigarettes is very acceptable and cheap. The manufacturer of Kiss cigarettes guarantees the excellent cigarettes quality. You will be impressed by a nice blend and refined smoke aroma. The modern technology used in production guarantees the exact control of content in every cigarette, which keeps the blend constant. Exclusiveness of the brand consists in the fashion pack, wonderful flavor and moderate price!

The packs of Kiss cigarettes are designed according to all the rage. You should taste this excellent flavor! Many women pointed out the perfect blend, stylish box, high quality and reasonable price of cigarettes. Fashion cigarette hard packs you may not only see but also hold them in your hands!

The British "Innovation Tobacco Company" is the main supervisor of the Kiss cigarettes production. Quality control is fulfilled at every technological range.

If you are young, bright, self-confident, fashionable and stylish then Kiss Cigarettes are for you!

There are the following varieties of Kiss cigarettes in our online discount cigarettes shop: Kiss Superslims Fresh Apple, Kiss Superslims Menthol, Kiss Superslims Dream, Kiss Superslims Dessert Mini and Kiss Superslims Energy.

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