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Cheap Kent Convertibles online

Kent Convertibles

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Cheap Kent HD Futura (Futura 8) online

Kent HD Futura (Futura 8)

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Cheap Kent HD Infinia (White 1) online

Kent HD Infinia (White 1)

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Kent HD Neo (Neo 4)

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Kent HDi Blue

Kent HDi Blue

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Kent HDi Silver

Kent HDi Silver

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Cheap Kent Nanotek Neo online

Kent Nanotek Neo

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Kent Nanotek Infina

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kent hd spectra

Kent HD Spectra

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Cheap Kent Nanotek Futura online

Kent Nanotek Futura

Price per carton: 'Kent Nanotek Futura' $33.38 $25.70

Kent cigarettes

Kent cigarettes is a brand of first to introduce smoke filters in 1952. At the period from March 1952 until at least May 1956, the Micronite filter in Kent cigarettes had a form of asbestos. At Present Kent uses charcoal filters (a kind of activated carbon).

During the first Beatles' visit to the United States they occasionally took part in the expressing of their interest in Kent cigarettes. An announcer of a commercial Radio convinced the auditorium that Kent cigarettes are filtered ones which really satisfy, the smoker enjoys them and present the better emotions than anything else for the day, their Micronite filter is an exclusive one. Paul McCartney and John Lennon, being in the same studio, supported him.

There are thousands of cigarettes in the world, premium and generic, purchasing retailed or wholesaled, yet not even two those are alike. At the same time in this diversity there are some brands of cigarettes of the highest quality, embodying full palette of tobacco flavor –and such cigs make up Kent cigarettes' collection- Kent HD Futura (Futura 8) (with nicotine content 0.8mg), Kent HD Neo (Neo 4) (0.4 mg) and Kent HD Infinia (Infinia 1) (0.1 mg)

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