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Karelia Slims

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Karelia cigarettes

The southernmost city in Europe – Kallarnata in Greece is widely known for some reasons. It is a place where an international dance festival is held annualy, the most delicious olives are grown and Karelia Cigarettes are produced more than a century already.

Founded in 1888 a family-run business appeared. The principal activity of Karelia Tobacco Company Inc. S.A. is the producing of cigarettes and other related products. For today it is a leading cigarette manufacturer and exporter, with the status for having created some of the most recognized brands in the world.

These exquisite cigarettes have been created from a superior blend of tobaccos to produce a cigarette of perfection. Grown in tender beams of hot Greek sun, Karelia Cigarette possesses an irresistible bouquet of tobacco flavor.

It is a Premium brand, which makes you feel high for its quality, yet does not make you drunk from its price. Discount Karelia cigarettes and tobacco are at your disposal from our online cigarettes shop.

Relying on the skills and experience of the decades, Karelia cigarettes insist on the highest standard of quality. The state –of-the-art production services are among the first in Europe, producing for about 15 billion cigarettes per year.

Karelia presently exports its Premium brands to over fifty countries within Greece and Europe mainly, but to North America, Asia Pacific Africa and South America also not without participation of our online shop.

Recently the company started the Karelia Tobacco Company (UK) Ltd., that is, the new subsidiary in order to sell its brands on the English market.

Karelia Slims Lights, George Karelia and Sons, Karelia Slims Lights and Karelia Slims Menthol Lights are available for immediate delivery for our clients.

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