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Hilton Gold

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Hilton Superslims Lilac

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Hilton cigarettes

British American Tobacco Group, the third largest cigarette company in the world represents its brand – Hilton cigarettes, which is one of the most famous (and especially appreciated in Europe and the USA) and "younger" cigarettes brand.

Hilton brand is famous for the exquisite balance of flavor and aroma, the abundance of complex tones in the bouquet and fine aroma; these cigs are a unique combination of good quality tobacco and low cost of the final product.

The brand's name roots into a famous family of Conrad Hilton, an American Hotelier and founder of Hilton Hotels chain. These hotels present pleasure from first minute of staying in them, the same happens when you smoke Hilton.

Hilton cigarettes are an embodiment of Bohemia Spirit, faraway journeys and mysterious discoveries. Hilton cigarettes are offered for purchasing in the following assortment: Hilton Kings FF and Hilton Lights.

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