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Glamour cigarettes

Franklin Roosevelt once said that the beauty belongs to those who believe in beauty of their dreams. Today beauty is equal to glamour. In Roosevelt times glamour was a dream, today glamour is a reality.

Gallaher Tobacco Company is enterprise that realized this dream. They created marvelous smoking cigarettes called Glamour.

This smoking product expresses definitely all niceties of its brand name. It is produced in delicate slim dimension that reveal subtler tobacco smoke.

First characterization that came into mind experiencing Glamour cigarette is "highest perfection". This tobacco brand expresses style, self-confidence and elegance.

Due to its slimmest Glamour cigarettes will perfect fit in even smallest handbag.

And of course it cannot be denied the nice pack of this fascinating product. Glamour would look perfect with any attire.

Gallaher is a tobacco company that produces premium cigarettes that are smoked by thousands. Such well-known brands as Benson & Hedges, Hamlet, LD, Mayfair, Memphis, Old Holborn, Ronson, Silk Cut, Sobranie and Sovereign are successful traded on international tobacco markets.

Glamour cigarettes are namely women brand that Gallaher created exclusively for modern adult ladies. Glamour Slims 3 and Glamour Slims 5 are two ranges that are different in taste, but same in quality and refinement.

Glamour cigarette are available online in two assortments: Glamour Slims 3 and Glamour Slims 5. If you decide on Glamour brand then we offer them at cheapest price. Our online tobacco store offer best cigarettes at best prices.

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