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Fluieras cigarettes

Never a cigarette brand was as original as is Fluieras cigarettes. Being produced only in a single range, Fluieras cigarettes reduce chances to be reproduced by other smoking products in taste.

Most stringent differentiation that impress in this brand is its pack that is of deep red and picture drew in traditional style. Such design wouldn't remain unnoticed.

Its inner components are of same perfection as that outer. Fluieras cigarettes are produced from blended tobacco of premium sorts that is prepared by high tech technologies. This smoking product embodies two opposed elements: elderly standard of quality provided by modern technologies.

Being brand property of one of greatest tobacco company from Eastern Europe Tutun CTC Fluieras is synonym for exclusive. This cigarette industry was awarded with medals for quality buy international experts of Madrid, France and Russia. Of great importance is detail about content of tobacco products that are created by Tutun CTC. Minnesota University testing in their labs cigarettes of this company and concluded that smoking products contain low content of cancer agents.

Special selected sorts of tobacco infiltrated with special created sauces make taste of Fluieras smooth and balmy.

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