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Price per carton: 'Cosmos' $14.78 $10.82

Cosmos cigarettes

First that import when we see a tobacco product is its pack. Speaking about Cosmos cigarettes it will impress for sure. Dark blue of pack reveals strongest and power. It is a male brand.

Of more esteem are cigarettes that are hiding in this pack. Cosmos is a cocktail of best sorts of tobacco and aromatic additives that make taste of this tobacco unique. Smokers that taste this cig remain impressed by its wonderful flavor.

It is normal to be characterized as incomparable brand because it belongs to Tutun CTC, famous and prosperous cigarette company from Eastern Europe. For this tobacco producer import qualitative aspects of its products, that's why it is so demanded on domestic market.

Being participant and winner of different tobacco forums and competitions Tutun CTC proved quality of its smoking products on international level.

Cosmos cigarettes has no variations. It is only one. 20 filtered fags are placed in hard pack that ought to preserves taste of tobacco. Pack is of dark blue color with a red star draw on it. This star symbolizes the continuous tendency to something better and superior, as is Cosmos cigarettes.

If you are adherent of smoking taste of qualitative cigarettes, then this site purpose exceptional Cosmos brand at lowest cost. You wouldn't find this smoking product in convenience store. Cosmos is only for those that know what they want from a genuine cigarette. We offer best services, support and cheapest prices.

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