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Classic Blue

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Classic Red

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Classic Black

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Classic Silver

Classic Silver 4

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Classic Silver

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Classic Slims Silver

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Classic cigarettes

Every name had its significance and origin. Tasting Classic cigarettes this statement make itself accurate. As classic means creation of the highest excellence then this is about this brand. It is so genial in fragrance and components that dints once and for all.

Classic cigarettes maintains the originality in taste and experience. It offers to its user serenity and mellowness. This is all that can be revealed by a smoking cigarette that have brand name Classic.

Being exposed to numerous cigs, it is hard to decide on one. In such case it is useful the following advice: if you are looking for taste that is a combination of richness and mellowness, and ingredients of best quality, then Classic brand is certainly for you.

Produced by famous in Europe tobacco manufacturer, Reemtsma Tobacco, Classic brand was granted with best that can be comprised in smoking cigarette. Remember, name for this brand was chose after its creation, which means that it is a pure classicism.

Although Classic cigarettes are high demanded at home and nearest states, it is known for much far states, as that of SUA and EU. Nevertheless with assistance of this online store this oversight was regulated.

Fact that make Classic exclusive from other brands, is its price. Due to our cheap cigarette shop, this tobacco product can be ordered by smokers from much more states at most respected price. We open this brand to everybody that prefers classiness in style and taste.

If you decided on Classic, then it is purposed in two cig' assortments: Classic Blue and Classic Silver. Order it now cheaply, and make your life more high-classical.

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