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Cigaronne Exclusive Black

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Cigaronne Exclusive White

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Cigaronne cigarettes

Thing that make Cigaronne tobacco company different from other companies is its non ordinary treatment of ordinary things. Being presented in tobacco industry only few years, it already make itself of international renown. Every smoking creation of this company is a genuine exclusive masterpiece.

One of most fetching is Cigaronne brand. This tobacco contains in its composition the companies' ideals. Every detail of Cigaronne cigarettes is designed with care and becomingly. Sorts of 12 best sorts of tobacco was blended according to special recipe that belong to this company. Even additives aren't as in ordinary cigarettes, Cigaronne keeps that is the most excellent.

Culmination of this smoking product is its unique hard filter, which make Cigaronne company different in its constituents from other tobacco industries. Filter that created this great cigarette maker marked a revolution. It is hard and cleans the smoke in special way. All products fabricated by this company are endowed with filter, that's why they are so high preferred.

Cigaronne brand is produced in long dimensions of 120 mm. Filter is 64 mm and 56 mm comprise smoking part. Tasting this tobacco you will convince yourself that they are of no competitions.

Cigaronne company manufactured Cigaronne in a large variations: Cigaronne Exclusive Black, Cigaronne Exclusive White, Cigaronne Exclusive Mini Black and Cigaronne Exclusive Mini White. It can be as well smoked by men and women. This tobacco belongs to classical style of cigarettes that are for those that like quality and novelty in everything.

Everything is good, but there is one problem. Cigaronne cigarettes was accessible to smokers of Eastern Europe. Now this discount cigarette store enlarges boundaries of distributing of Cigaronne to those from another part of Europe. Every tobacco users can order this outstanding taste at lowest price only from this online shot. Cigaronne brand can be ordered in variations of Cigaronne Classic Slims, Cigaronne Classic Lights Slims, Cigaronne Exclusive Lights Slims and Cigaronne Exclusive Slims.

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