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Camel cigarettes

Camel is an investment brand of low-priced cigarettes, consisting of a blend of Turkish and United State tobacco, which enjoys a unique position on the market.

In Fussiness of the 21-st century a quality Camel cigarettes remains among few simple pleasures due to its delicate Oriental Gold combined with the most refined type of tobacco, offering to the smokers all over the world a unique taste.

It's interesting that though it's considered that the Camel image on the pack is of Egyptian origin, Turkish archives say it is a symbol of gratitude of Americans to Turkish for their 34 camels' donation to American Army in 1854. But R.J. Reynolds could hardly remember that in 1913, introducing Camel as his first major cigarette brand

Camel cigarettes were harmonized in a way to be smoked considerably easier in contrast to the much harsher brands popular in the period of their introduction.

One of constituent parts of Camel cigarettes success is a combination of a high quality tobacco and the product's low price. They belong to 10best-selling cigarette brands, which come in the following varieties: Filters (King Size and 100s), Lights (King Size and 100s), Ultra Lights (King Size and 100s), Smooth, Naturals, Camel Rare, Camel Reds and others.

Balanced nicotine content and a smooth taste make Camel cigarettes a classic that will never run away.

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