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Bond Fine Selection

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Bond Classic Selection

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Bond Super Slims Silver

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Bond Special Selection

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Bond cigarettes

Bond is a conventional name for one of the well-known cigarettes brands of the Philip Morris Tobacco International, now part of Altria Group Company – Bond Street.

Bond Brand's history roots in the year 1902 when one of the worshipers of the company, King Albert, presented a new Boutique on Bond street in London with the name of Phillip Morris himself.

Bond is the so-called "middle-class" cigarettes. They usually have a very average price and are allowable for those who cannot buy something more expensive. Nevertheless, any Bond cigarette is still a production of high quality as Philip Morris is distinguished for their noble and qualitative standards. It is confirmed by many times awarded the blending formula of Bond Brand in the field of industry researches. That is why every Bond cigarettes smoker is undoubtedly contented with what he smokes.

It is a universal(non-US) cigarette brand wish is sold in all continents of the world, more than in 50 countries –in Europe, Latin America, the USA. A premium version was introduced in 2006 – "Bond Street Special".

Originally Bond cigs were sorted in soft or hard packs, king size or long. Initial design was changed in the mid of nineties as a result of a re-branding process. At present an admirer of Bond brand can enjoy by new appearance combined with high quality proved by decades. The Bond pack's design is smooth, attractive looking and fresh, the pack is hard and contains 10 or 20 cigs per each.

We offer a wide variety of Bond cigarettes by discount prices to our customers: Bond Street (Original), Bond Street Lights and Bond Street Super Lights.

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